März 19, 2020 Redaktion

Clearly define your PR goals! – From the idea to visibility – First step

Visibility is King! Image is Queen!

In general, the startup communication should aim at increasing the young company’s level of awareness towards their target group, in terms of its ideas, its product and its leading personalities, by using common media outlets.

The new, establishing form of start-up communication or communication mix is an interplay of press work, public relations (PR), content marketing, social-media-marketing and event management. Since these columns are essentially interdependent, in order to build a solid external reputation, the rules for conceptualization or finding a strategy are the same in every area.

First step – Clearly define your goals!

Corporate communication is primarily about influencing the behavior of a particular target group in a way that a specific corporate goal can be achieved. Thus, a company will always stage its offered product or solution in the media in such a way that a.) the target group takes note of it, b.) the offer is considered attractive and c.) it additionally, is happily used. For founders of start-ups, it means for example, that with their communication, a founder has to manage a.) to attract the attention of investors, b.) interest the investor for an investment, and in the aftermath of the investor’s search, c.) maintain its positive reputation through the overall appearance.

The external communication of a start-up is the initial appearance, the first notice, to arouse the interest of the public. Based on this, the uniformity and solidarity of each additional corporate communication element is becoming more and more strategically important. The initial positive impression should be strengthened and maintained. The concrete goals of press work are very significant, because they are 100% oriented towards the overall corporate goals and thus the corporate strategy. The management sets upper targets, also called milestones, from which partial stages for press work can be derived. For example, these can be the following:

  • Increase awareness in a specific geographical area (international)
  • Create sympathy for a leading person and establish them as a cult person (opinion giver and face of the company)
  • Appear attractive and credible through success stories (Success stories – Do good and write about it.)
  • Maintaining a positive reputation through outstanding achievements (wins or nominations at awards and challenges)
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