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Event industry after Corona — is EMOTIONAL DIGITAL EVENT the future? But what is EDE?

EDE is a high functional, emotionally engaging and novel form of digital events.

Photo by Robert Schlesinger

Editorial Trend Article

Berlin is the birthplace of the EMOTIONAL DIGITAL EVENT. EDE is a high functional, emotionally engaging and novel form of digital events, with which not only the digital transformation of the industry in Germany is pushed further in this area, but a whole new branch is being established.

If someone had told us in January this year, that in about 3 months we would see the entire event industry and even large parts of our economy laying in ruins, we probably would have given them a pad on the back and laughed about it. For decades, crises and states of emergency in our modern and privileged society were suppressed from our collective consciousness mind.

Who could have guessed at the beginning of the year, that a virus-induced shutdown and the following social distancing requirements by the Federal Government would, in the blink of an eye, cause all events, launches, film premieres, trade fairs and activities go to dust for an indefinite period of time. The entire experience industry is built on the physical encounter of people, products, network contacts, and locations.

If you want to believe Conrad Breyer in his W&V Magazine-Article of April 8, 2020, “the communication industry represents 47 billion euros in sales, employs 900,000 people and usually generates 1.4 percent of the gross domestic product.”1 That, in fact, is a large amount. In consequence, the associations of the communication industry address the Federal Government of Germany with a public letter, to draw attention to the massive impact the Corona pandemic has on agencies and service providers in this sector.

The event and trade fair industry has, by its very nature, a seasonal and scheduled business model and is mainly used by agencies, service providers and medium-sized companies. They heavily depend on the industry, that has been dealing with rapid changing demands and the transformation in terms of digitalization for years.

While the world seemed to stand still for some, others have found ways and solutions in order to not only to equip our industry for the post-crisis period, but to also revolutionize the industry with a new branch-model.

Almost in uniform, attempts have been made to livestream the multidimensionally conceived worlds of experience, but due to the multitude of distracting factors at home, as well as the unexciting one-dimensional representation, this concept appealed to the target group to only a limited extend. Something new had to come.

The EMOTIONAL DIGITAL EVENT, short EDE, „focuses on interactive keynotes with VR and AR support, customized avatar building, emotion-generating direct reaction effects, as well as, for example, Motion Graphics. The new event form is supported by Berlin’s extensive creative network, e.g. by directors, musicians, designers, illustrators and programmers“2.

Photo by Robert Schlesinger

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