September 1, 2020 Redaktion

Frederic Palzer builds the next unicorn? Yes, we are quite sure!

Interview with Clara Sonnenfeld (Editor Startup Presse) and Frederic Palzer (Managing Director WINGDING AG)

We are very proud to finally announce our new customer Frederic Palzer, Managing Director of Wingding AG, and we are very happy about a long-term, successful cooperation with Wingding AG.

Blog post, 01.09.2020

As our readers know, the editorial team of are always looking for new, exciting stories about people and their love for their vocation. For months now, there have been rumors in the Berlin startup scene, that soon, there will be the launch of an app, that will bring several changes. We followed up on this myth, went on a hunt and actually found what we were looking for. We were allowed to take a look at the beta version of the app and, well, what else can we say, the idea is brilliant and in its field, it has the potential to be celebrated as the next „unicorn“.

We managed to get the rather media-shy Frederic Palzer, Managing Director of WINGDING AG, to do an interview with us and are very happy to share this with you.

„My passion developed into my vocation. From producing music and working in the event industry, my path led me to the foundation of my nightlife app.“ – Frederic Palzer

Interview published on Startup-Presse:

Frederic, we did some research. You are not a typical Berlin start-up founder. You were very successful in the music business for many years. What where you doing there?

From my childhood on, I had a great affinity for music and technology. As you said at the beginning, my passion developed into a vocation. In 2002 I founded my first company. I was the producer and owner of the music label IM MUSIC. The label had several record contracts and produced a great number of singles and albums between 2002 and 2013 in Germany, Jamaica, and South Africa.

Which genre did your label represent?

We produced Reggea, Dancehall, Urban House and Soca Tunes.

Are any artists that you’ve worked with well-known or recognizable to us?

I can’t really estimate to what extent Jamaican and South African musicians are known here. (laughs) In Jamaica, among others, I have worked with the world-famous reggae artists, Luciano, Jah Cure and Sizzla, as well as the well-known producer of Shabba Rankls and Gentleman, Bobby Digital.

Frederic, that sounds really exciting. In 2013 you have reoriented yourself and built a new successful company. How did it come about and what did you do then?

Digitalization has changed a lot in the music industry as well. At that time, I had already been involved in the production of music, as well as in the live music industry laid out as an event for a while. In 2013/14 I took the next step and build a new, international company in the music-event-industry. At that time, I lived in Spain and founded the company FRONTMAN ENTERTAINMENT, which made events with up to 20.000 guests come to live.

Wow, from music production in the studio to organizing huge music events. This is a huge, but also quite logical step. But how do you get from Spanish festivals into the Berlin Tech-Startup scene?

When planning, organizing and executing events, regardless the size, you automatically deal with the optimization of processes. That’s how you get ideas every now and then. You’re looking for digital solutions, that not only make the everyday work life easier, but can also connect different people and companies globally, to work together on something big. One of these ideas was so exciting and so unique, that I just had to start implementing it.

You make the readers very curious. In the run-up to our interview we agreed not to publish any insides before the official launch of the app. Can you give us a little preview anyway?

Thanks Clara. What can I reveal at the moment? It will be a unique, unprecedented, international community platform in the lifestyle & entertainment sector. We have developed exciting features and are very much looking forward to our launch.

We thank you for your time and are eagerly looking forward to the launch. I hope we’ll see you again right after and do a special about the app and the vision you have for the app.


Quelle: Startup-Presse-Interview vom 01.09.2020



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