März 19, 2020 Redaktion

PR Challenges With Which All Founders Have To Face And Fight Against.

The solution is simple.

The stories that founders and acquaintances have been telling me for years are very similar. In summary, founders face two main problems that can be identified in relation to the external communication of their startups. On the one hand, most of them have already hired agencies to make themselves and their startup famous, but didn’t receive the expected outcome/output or failed due to their limited budget. On the other hand, employees that, which could, at best, respond to press inquiries, but otherwise did not know how to build a positive reputation step by step, were hired. Others have made the big mistake to underestimate the power of external communications. They have passed on press and PR tasks to interns who, out of their lack of knowledge, made such major mistakes that almost lead to PR crises.

Both main problems result from the fact, that the strategic, communicative development of a start-up requires the all-encompassing new form of press and PR work, the communcation mix as mentioned above.

Agencies are not intended to a systematic, comprehensive and continuous development of communication in all media areas that a start-up needs. It is often forgotten, that agency employees cannot work as close to the respective niche topics, which startups focuses on, leading to some extra work and a need for a lot of ideas. On this behalf, it often becomes clear that it is inevitable that someone is needed in-house who has all the information needed for the press work. Thus, the resulting insight is that it would ultimately pay off, to have a competent employee who takes over all communication work.

Press and PR staff, who originally from established companies in start-ups (I include myself here), have to change their style of work drastically and need to find a way to adapt. Not only does one want to network in other media related fields, in startups, speed, inventiveness and proactive implementation of ideas and campaigns is essential. One should be the first to talk about trends and news in the industry and positioned the startup there. One should be able to explain and

be prepared for every question that might arise to be able to compete for the and give its founder the best lectures on the hottest events. With a few useful tips and instructions, none of this is witch craft.

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