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How I see PR, Communications & Image Management for Startups – Introducing myself

About unicorns, rainbows and a pot full of gold

The legends of unicorns, rainbows and the pot of gold that surround the startup universe rank are probably known by every founder worldwide. The unicorns, i.e. founders, have innovative ideas and develop new pathes. They build many of the foundations of our modern society and revolutionize our future. Their everyday life is often determined by highs and lows, like sunshine and rain, from the daily struggle of survival and holding on to the hope to perform an exit on day, from which they never dared to dream, and to walk home with a pot full of gold at the end. There are plenty of success stories. But what did all these success stories have in common?

Among other things, they were able to use their idea in conjunction with a conclusive communication concept and tell an exciting story that could evoke the trust of the broad public. With regards to the aspect of media promotion, a start-up success story underlays one law: nothing is more powerful than a good well-thought-through, strategic press and PR work in the „Early Stage phase“. Or how TechCrunch journalist Mike Butcher always says:

„50% of being a startup is about communication. If you are trying to ‚change the world‘, then you are going to have to communicate that.” Mike  Butcher  (2015)“  

The strategically communicative development of a start-up requires a new form of press and PR work. The new, establishing form will be called start-up communication or communication mix by me. Startup communication is a mix of press work, Public Relations (PR), Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Event management. Since these five areas are essential to each other in order to build the start-up’s solid reputation, the same rules apply for every additional communication strategy.

A well-thought-through communication concept builds a positive corporate reputation, from which startups not only acquire customers and cooperation partners, but above all it helps enormously to gather investment funds and promotions.

An idea is only as good as its understandability, professional communication to the outside world and the sovereign removal of all doubts in the public.

My name is Judith Blaubach, I live in the start-up metropolis Berlin. Since 2012 I’ve been working as the responsible for the external communication of various start-ups in the start-up scene of Berlin. Numerous founders and acquaintances who work in start-ups have asked me, to share or write down my own experiences. Now, I have finally decided to collect and share my experiences and  the lessons I have learned over the last years as a structured step-by-step guide and gradually publish here.


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