Oktober 16, 2020 Redaktion

App-sales-pitches with the dubbing voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger – That’s not possible?

You bet! We tried it for an App-Startup and are thrilled.

Where a few months ago, we were able to visited the location owners for a new App in person to impress them with our ideas, we now have the need to protect our employees in the Corona period, which makes it more difficult to maintain and build personal and direct relationships with partners. Through our enthusiasm it was very easy in one-on-one conversations on site, to convince our B2B customers and cooperation partners of the advantages our App has to offer. But like many other start-ups and companies, in times of the Corona pandemic, we are also rethinking our approach in order to protect our employees and therefore develop new sales strategies.

„Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures and forced us (luckily) to try something new. I’ve been having the idea for quite a while, to involve influencers and public figures in the cooperation, which made it a special highlight and a nice project, to be able to present the Wingding App to our B2B partners, before the official launch of Bernd Egger, who is the new German voice of Arnold Schwarzeneggers,“ said the founder.

We have recorded pitch videos. In order for the videos to not become boring but transport exactly the same energy, enthusiasm and conviction that we appreciate in our employees on site, we wanted a special voice for our videos, that holds a certain recognition value.

This is how we got to know Bernd Egger. Bernd Egger is not only the German voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Bernd Egger is a dubbing actor and among others he lends his voice to Mark Rowley, rapper Asher D., Kid Cudi, Kevin Garnett and many more celebrities. He is a narrator for documentaries, audio books, radio plays, image films, presentations, computer games, advertising and is a professional in illustrating content and conveying emotions. This is the key prerequisite when it comes to explaining and selling by using a voice.

We first manufactured a pitch deck for the presentation of our product to B2B- partners. Adding a document with the text that is to be spoken and we were ready to go. At the first meeting with Bernd Egger, we discussed the individual slides, the texts and the aim of the video. Six hours later, Bernd gave us a first demo video in German and in English, for which we were asked to comment on. Short after, the video production began.

All in all, we had our with voice and tone added pitch presentation set within one week, and are looking forward to further cooperation with Bernd Egger, the new German dubbing voice of Arnold Schwarzenegger: “I could get used to this relaxed and easy-going way of work, like it went with Judith Blaubach. On the other side it was easy for me to be excited by the product and you can hear always hear it, when working together was fun and the result came out amazing.”


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